Indoarch O&MProdukOnline/lab Total Organic Carbon Analyzer TOC

Online/lab Total Organic Carbon Analyzer TOC

Power Supply: 220V±22V Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz Rated Power:
100W Dimensions: 390mm×194mm×187mm Detection limit:
0.001mg/L (0.001ppm) Maximum tolerance: ±5% Detection range: 0.001mg/L~1.000mg/L (0.001ppm-1ppm) Analyze time: 4min Feedback time: within 15 min Sample temperature: 1~95℃ Ambient temperature: 10~40℃ temperature variation ± 5 ℃ / d or less Flow rate: 0.5 mL/min Relative Humidity≤ 85% Reproducibility tolerance≤ 3% Zero drift ±5% Measurement range drift ±5%

HTY-DI1000C is a high sensitivity and accuracy Total Organic Carbon Analyzer which is a patent product developed by Tailin It is used for detecting TOC concentration in the water. The working principle is to oxidize the organic matters by UV lamp and convert them into CO2. Then the HTY-CI1000C adopts conductivity detection method to detect the concentration of CO2. After detecting the TC (Total Carbon) and TIC (Total Inorganic Carbon), we can get the TOC (Total Organic Carbon) in the water sample. TOC= TC-TIC. HTY-DI1000C TOC analyzer could detect the TOC concentration which is from 0.001mg/L to 1.000mg/L(0.001ppm to 1ppm). It is easy to operate and not need to add any chemical reagent, so that the operators don not need special train or chemical knowledge.

1. Adopts Ultraviolet(UV) oxidation method, and no requirements to the catalyst and carrier gas;
2. It is most suitable for detecting the TOC in pharmaceutical water because of the unique technology of titanium dioxide catalytic coating spiral pipe;
3. Buzzer alarm for over limit which could prevent the analyzer from mishandling.
4. Online detect devices are for optional which enables the free switch between online and offline detection.
5. Auto sampler is for optional;
6. Meet the system compatibility requirements of USP32-643 and the “TOC Inspection !ct”of CP2010
7. No requirement to any acid reagent, oxidant and carrier gas, no additional daily maintenance cost.
8. It is fast, reliable and easy to operate. The operators don not need any special train or knowledge.
9. Designed for the deionized water which TOC is no more than 1.000mg/L (1ppm).
10. Large memory which could keep 12 months record and the users can look up and print out the record on any date.
11. Fast detection, it is no more than 4 minutes to do one cycle test.
12. Compact design, less weight, portable and less energy consumption.
13. Buzzer alarm for over limit, it can warn the operator when it is over theset result.
14. The system compatibility is easy to be inspected based on the USP<643> and EP<2.2.44>.
15. Large size 320X234 true color display and friendly interface, equipped with RS232 and printer interface.
16. Passed the CMC certification (China Metrology Certification).
The system can be used to detect the total organic carbon concentration in purified water, water for injection(WFI) and deionized water in pharmaceutical industry; it also can on-line monitor (online devices for option) the water system of pharmaceutical industry, ultra-pure water preparation system and chip process in the semiconductor industry, and deionized water preparation process in power plants. It can use for the water clean validation in pharmaceutical and biochemical industries.

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